AudioVisual Unit


National Archives of Zimbabwe Audiovisual Unit (NAZ AVU) was established in 1988 and it symbolizes and expresses the cultural significance and distinct character of sound and image heritage in a Zimbabwean perspective. The unit has a collection(Create link to Collections page) of over 15 000 materials including films, videos, audio cassettes, CDs, gramophone records and slides on or about Zimbabwe.

•    Promote national development of sound and moving image heritage archiving.
•    Representing Zimbabwe and participating in international activity in the field of sound and moving image archiving.
•    Contributing to the development of National Sound and Film industry

Rationale for collection
•    Documenting important historical events (e.g. national celebrations, landmark political events, and sporting occasions).
•    Celebrating the artistic achievement or creative excellence of Zimbabwe.
•    Documenting the history of technological change and innovation within the various audiovisual media in Zimbabwe.

The sound and moving image heritage of Zimbabwe include the following:
a)    Recorded sound, film or other productions comprising of moving images and/or recorded sound created or released within Zimbabwe, or by Zimbabweans, or with relevance to Zimbabwe whether or not primarily released for public release.
b)    Objects, materials, works and intangibles relating to the moving image and sound media whether seen from technical, industrial, cultural, historical or other viewpoints. This may include materials relating to Zimbabwean film, radio, television, and sound recording industries such as literature, posters, advertising material, scripts, stills, manuscripts, artefacts.