The NAZ ICT section works to keep abreast with all new and emerging information and communication technologies with a view of adapting and adopting those that make is possible for NAZ to Acquire, preserve and provide public access to Zimbabwean documentation in whatever format, in an efficient and economic way. As part of the ZIMASSET service delivery thrust, the ICT section will provide a platform for NAZ records to be created, managed and accessed digitally as this resonates with the government e-government imperatives.

The vision of the ICT section is to transform NAZ into an automated work environment that supports and enhances efficiency in  the acquiring, preservation and providing public access to Zimbabwean documentation.

Mission Statement
To provide the highest quality technology-based services.

In our endeavor to provide quality service, we are always guided by commitment to employees, clients and all stakeholders. Our core values have always been integrity, innovativeness, professionalism, transparency and continuous improvement.

          ICT Section Staff